2 Feb 2017
Glass is my favourite medium of creative choice, however, as ever I found myself unable to resist a bit of an unconventional tug into the realm of combining it with another, starkly different material.

This time around the juxtaposition lies between the man-made glass lamp-worked beads and the rather massive bone pipes.
The dialogue of an organic and inorganic matter, if you will.

The glass beads are approximately 1" in diameter and were made according to my design and specification in the Mecca of the Bohemian glass world of Zelezny Brod, Czech Republic. I am happy to say that the cooperation with the talented artisans that are able with uncanny ability to turn one's ideas into reality still leaves me flabbergasted.

Random Variable

Another one of the geometric experiments within a circle. Repetitive and strangely dynamic despite frozen in time in viewer's eye.

Random Variable contains 8.060 seed beads.
Beads caps are silver (Ag 925) and custom-made for this very project.

Panther in the Basement

I like to explore different and, indeed, endless possibilities of the glass beads. Texture of the medium being one of them. Panther in the Basement is an example of going down that road.
African glass powder beads offsetting the smooth finish of the hollow lamp-worked focal bead in the middle. Once again, a juxtaposition that is meant to highlight the differences and thus bring together a whole.

Local Extreme

Local Extreme is a connection of big and small, rather oversized hollow lamp-worked hand-made hollow beads juxtaposed with industrially produced seed beads. Special encounters of a glass kind symbolising differences but in themselves highlighting the qualities of one another. And magnifying them by light years!

The central element is hand-sewn with couple of thousand seed beads.
The hand-made hollow beads have been individually crafted over the torch according to my own design.

Linear Equations

Linear Equations came as a result for my searching for ways to incorporate simple and ever-present shapes into the constrained form of a circle. Repetition of a segment of linear parallels changing direction at a very ordered rhythm seemed to be the answer I was looking for at the time.

I do believe that the visual repetition of patterns has something hypnotic and truly enticing about it. It is a never-ending cycle. Like the circle it is captured in.

Glass and the possibilities of constructing 3D objects from thousands of beads mesmerise me with the endless possibilities.

Linear Equations consist of 7.480 beads.

Unbounded Sequence

Geometry is seemingly my thing at the moment as well as endless hours of devising colourful and bold schemes and then bringing them to life.
This design consists of 7.495 seed beads and hand-made resin bead caps. 

There are hours and hour going into bringing a piece like this to life. The number of beads might seem formidable and doubly so as each and every one of them has to pass through my hands twice.
The bigger the challenge, the bigger the satisfaction. I do like a dare, who would not?

The final result is a bold statement piece. Modern and yet quintessentially traditional.
Simple and striking.