11 Jun 2019
I might be a slightly pensive maker, I admit. I keep pushing at my little ideas, liking to develop them. From exploring the borders and overlaps of incongruous art forms to taming new skills that - like space rockets - will propel my designs to new universes.

I took advantage of the colossal opportunities of chasing and repoussé already when designing the INSIDE OR OUT collection for the ArtistarJEWELS for the Milano Fashion Week in spring of 2019.

The collection that is at the very moment on my bench - the HARUSPEX POSTMODERNUS that is designed especially for the historically first Milano Jewelry Week in October 2019 - is built on it in a much more pronounced way.

So bang bang I go, feeling sacrilegiously a little like a lesser Greek God, a decidedly midget-sized one, taming the brass sheet.

In advance I apologize to my neighbours for the racket.