14 Aug 2019

Since time immemorial, human kind believed higher powers offer a perpetual stream of signs in the phenomena of daily life, which if read rightly can direct humanity's affairs. Times may have changed. Methods may have changed. But we still want to see further, understand more, be the recipient of special insight.
To become a haruspex postmodernus. 
Haruspex Postmodernus collection

TO SEE (necklace)
To understand you need more than just two eyes.
Haruspex Postmodernus collection
TO HEAR (brooch)HARUSPEX POSTMODERNUS collection, 2019
The human ear represents the need not only to hear but to listen. 

Haruspex Postmodernus collection


It is useless, wasteful really, to observe without taking any action. We are not mere observers but partner to gods, the other part to the bigger plan of creation.
Haruspex Postmodernus collection

TO LIVE (brooch)

Heart’s beat means life. When you want to understand your future and shape it, you need to open it. Revelations may not be pleasant or easy but are perilous to doubt.


1 Aug 2019
VDW 2019
Heart Reborn
necklace, 2019
brass, glass, cold enamel, pearls

"As the transformation of a pearl starts with an infinitesimal grain of sand,
so does our own rebirth start with a spark of light in our heart."
Happy to announce that my work will be a part of the Jewelry Venice Design Week Selection 2019 and will be shown from 12-20 October in Venice.
Exhibition: 12 – 20 October 2019
location: Ca’ Pisani Design Hotel first floor
Dorsoduro 979A – Venice Italy
timetable: 2pm-6pm, free entry
Media Partner:, Vicenza Jewellery.
VDW 2019
VDW 2019
VDW 2019

Collectiva International Meeting 2019

11 Jul 2019
As last year, I have the great honour to have been selected for the Collectiva International Meeting in Porto that will take place from 21 September - 31 October, 2019.
I feel doubly great about that because this venue has been and always will be the event that was a stepping stone launching my presence in the international contemporary jewellery design scene.

This year, it is all the more personal for me because there will be two ladies exhibiting their jewellery in Porto. Me and my mom. It has been quite a clandestine operation to get her there. She is a great artist but does not speak much English so would never think of applying. To give her a surprise of a lifetime, I applied secretly on her behalf and - with the great help and understanding and saintly patience of my accomplices:), the ladies from the Collectiva - she was selected to be a part of this stellar gathering in Porto. You see then, there are no limits when you create, no boundaries. The creative spirit connects us all. Thank you again, Anna, Joana, Lia, Marta e Susana, you made one dream come true!

I will be in Porto for the grand opening on 21st September, too, so I would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to come to see what is new in the exciting world of the contemporary jewellery.

Thinking Hand
brooch, 2019
brass, cold enamel



11 Jun 2019
I might be a slightly pensive maker, I admit. I keep pushing at my little ideas, liking to develop them. From exploring the borders and overlaps of incongruous art forms to taming new skills that - like space rockets - will propel my designs to new universes.

I took advantage of the colossal opportunities of chasing and repoussé already when designing the INSIDE OR OUT collection for the ArtistarJEWELS for the Milano Fashion Week in spring of 2019.

The collection that is at the very moment on my bench - the HARUSPEX POSTMODERNUS that is designed especially for the historically first Milano Jewelry Week in October 2019 - is built on it in a much more pronounced way.

So bang bang I go, feeling sacrilegiously a little like a lesser Greek God, a decidedly midget-sized one, taming the brass sheet.

In advance I apologize to my neighbours for the racket.



9 May 2019

Cooperation with the Galeria Alice Floriano of Porto Alegre in Brazil was one of the great results after my participation at the Milan Fashion Week this year.

Working with Alice Floriano is all it should be - hello, my little Utopia - I feel like we are trying to truly achieve something together. It is the effort to really give all lovers of the contemporary jewellery a taste of the whole field, from all over the world.

Alice seems to be always on the lookout for the latest of the latest in our world. And that is not the business as usual - like a hunter she goes out to the world to bring the works of the contemporary jewellers to Brazil. Galeria Alice Floriano is really reaching all over the world, looking for new things, new talents, offering opportunities to exhibit.

Being chosen by Alice in Milan this spring during the ArtistarJEWELS exhibition was a great thing. My works were soon on the way to Brazil and exhibitions in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro soon followed.

Exhibitions in cooperation with Galeria Alice Floriano:

GALERIA ALICE FLORIANO, Rua Felix da Cunha, 1143 - Moinhos do Vento, Porto Alegre
Opening night: May 9, 2019 from 5pm

NAU II (in cooperation with Atelier Mourao)
CASA DE PEDRA, Rua Redentor, 64 - Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
Opening night: June 26, 2019 from 5pm

Red Heart
brooch, 2019
brass, cold enamel

Inside or Out? collection
All-Seeing Eye
brooch, 2019
INSIDE OR OUT? collection
brass, cold enamel

Pink/Orange Foot
brooches, 2019
INSIDE OR OUT? collection
brass, cold enamel


Milan Fashion Week and ArtistarJEWELS 2019 Were The Best!

25 Feb 2019
Being part of the Artistar Jewels 2019 was a true experience! Seeing what the organizers managed to achieve (huge respect for the founder and director Enzo Carbone, and heartfelt thanks to two angels, Isabella Castelli and Gloria Gazzoldi) and being able to showcase my works together with so many other talented artists under the framework of the MILAN FASHION WEEK was just a blast.

I exhibited part of the INSIDE OR OUT? collection and am really too happy to have been approached by several galleries and individuals for further cooperation. MILANO ROCKS and all who work and live for contemporary jewellery are the BEST!

Therefore, I would like to thank all who came. Because it is only through you that it comes alive!


Artistar Jewels, the international event dedicated to body ornaments was now in its sixth edition, and was held for the first time at Palazzo Bovara in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan, from February 19th to 24th 2019.
The entire breath-taking building was dedicated exclusively to the exhibition, with over 700 square meters of exhibition space. 
The exhibition, under the patronage of the City of Milan which has supported the event for three years, was open with free admission during the Fashion Week.