Milan Fashion Week and ArtistarJEWELS 2019 Were The Best!

25 Feb 2019
Being part of the Artistar Jewels 2019 was a true experience! Seeing what the organizers managed to achieve (huge respect for the founder and director Enzo Carbone, and heartfelt thanks to two angels, Isabella Castelli and Gloria Gazzoldi) and being able to showcase my works together with so many other talented artists under the framework of the MILAN FASHION WEEK was just a blast.

I exhibited part of the INSIDE OR OUT? collection and am really too happy to have been approached by several galleries and individuals for further cooperation. MILANO ROCKS and all who work and live for contemporary jewellery are the BEST!

Therefore, I would like to thank all who came. Because it is only through you that it comes alive!


Artistar Jewels, the international event dedicated to body ornaments was now in its sixth edition, and was held for the first time at Palazzo Bovara in Corso di Porta Venezia in Milan, from February 19th to 24th 2019.
The entire breath-taking building was dedicated exclusively to the exhibition, with over 700 square meters of exhibition space. 
The exhibition, under the patronage of the City of Milan which has supported the event for three years, was open with free admission during the Fashion Week.


Little Glimpse of What Is to Come

14 Feb 2019
Last year was dedicated to explorations into other jewellery forms. My brooches made it wide.
Now, HOWEVER, is the time to bring you another collection of what you'd known me for so well.

After hours and days above my drawing board, new designs and colour combinations were born. They are vibrant and alive and rhythmic. I like all my work to slightly transcend the boundaries of "genres". With brooches, I definitely strayed into the realm of graphic art, with my necklaces I like to use the visual to create sound. Repetition of themes for me represents the rhythm. Therefore visual conjures up the notion of auditory experience.

There is no experimentation with the previously used 3-D hollow form and construction. It still takes me hours and days of work to slowly build these up.

Let Us Meet at ArtistarJEWELS 2019

13 Feb 2019
Are you going to be in Milan for the MILAN FASHION WEEK? Then I would definitely like to invite you all to come and visit the ArtistarJEWELS sterling exhibition at the Palazzo Bovara in Milan.

WHERE: Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51, Milano
WHEN: The exhibition is taking place from 19-24 February 2019.

I will be there in person on Friday 22 February and I am dying to meet you all incredible people.


5 Feb 2019

It is a great thrill, to say the least to be part of the Artistar Jewels exhibition in the heart of Milan. To be part of the Milan Fashion Week, showcase my work in the Palazzo Bovara is definitely something I am unbelievably looking forward to.

and what can YOU LOOK FORWARD TO?

This collection tangentially connects and further explores my previous research into perceptions and understanding of universal symbolic terminology. It deconstructs the form of our own bodies and their inner workings and turns them into ornamental reflections of our own selves. 
My goal is to push the specific form of a brooch further, in content, function and presentation. Through basic colours and simplified shapes conveying the feeling of graphic prints I explore the relationship between jewellery and the interdisciplinary edge of other visual art forms.

INSIDE OR OUT? collection

copper, brass, cold enamel
from the INSIDE OR OUT? collection
What is Love? What is Innocence?
Photo: Andrea Salpetre for ArtistarJEWELS 2019

copper, brass, cold enamel
from the INSIDE OR OUT? collection
What is the limit of decorative beauty?
Photo: Andrea Salpetre for ArtistarJEWELS 2019 

Horses and Other Signs

6 Dec 2018
These brooches were born in the framework of the SYMBOLS series that explored the perceptions and understanding of universal symbolic terminology.
Inspiration for this collection stemmed from my re-interpretation of the Chinese horoscope signs.

As ever, I loved playing not only with the shapes but also with the colours.

These particular brooches are formed in a mechanical press with the help of hand-made dies that I created specifically for this project. Consequently, they are hand-pierced, repousséd and cold-enameled. Each and every one is an original, slightly different and unique.

brooches, 2018
brass, cold enamel
photo: Petra Mohylova

Exhibition Opening

1 Dec 2018
I am very pleased to announce the exhibition opening in the Art+Um Gallery that will showcase the latest of mine and my mother's jewellery.

We would very much like to invite you for the opening night with both of us and some bubbly wine to brighten up the pre-Christmas time.

WHERE: Art+Um Gallery, Ostrovni 22, Prague 1
WHEN: December 6, 2018 at 6pm
DURATION: the exhibition will last until January 18, 2019

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