9 May 2019

Cooperation with the Galeria Alice Floriano of Porto Alegre in Brazil was one of the great results after my participation at the Milan Fashion Week this year.

Working with Alice Floriano is all it should be - hello, my little Utopia - I feel like we are trying to truly achieve something together. It is the effort to really give all lovers of the contemporary jewellery a taste of the whole field, from all over the world.

Alice seems to be always on the lookout for the latest of the latest in our world. And that is not the business as usual - like a hunter she goes out to the world to bring the works of the contemporary jewellers to Brazil. Galeria Alice Floriano is really reaching all over the world, looking for new things, new talents, offering opportunities to exhibit.

Being chosen by Alice in Milan this spring during the ArtistarJEWELS exhibition was a great thing. My works were soon on the way to Brazil and exhibitions in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro soon followed.

Exhibitions in cooperation with Galeria Alice Floriano:

GALERIA ALICE FLORIANO, Rua Felix da Cunha, 1143 - Moinhos do Vento, Porto Alegre
Opening night: May 9, 2019 from 5pm

NAU II (in cooperation with Atelier Mourao)
CASA DE PEDRA, Rua Redentor, 64 - Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro
Opening night: June 26, 2019 from 5pm

Red Heart
brooch, 2019
brass, cold enamel

Inside or Out? collection
All-Seeing Eye
brooch, 2019
INSIDE OR OUT? collection
brass, cold enamel

Pink/Orange Foot
brooches, 2019
INSIDE OR OUT? collection
brass, cold enamel